refund policies

I want to honestly share with you that my artistic work is made under high quality material parameters, the entire process that I carry out to carry out my work is specifically designed so that the day I have to market a piece of art regardless of its format and applied technique , be with values ​​and an ideal state of conservation for the piece acquired and the space that will shelter it. A fundamental factor is that the honesty with which I execute my work is the same transparency with which all the discursive and narrative surrounds the aesthetics of my work. I make direct sales of what arises from my talent, my experience and my artistic knowledge that is forged every day in my studio in Mexico. For this reason I want you to know that the quality with which I show you all of my art available is made with the best quality that distinguishes me and that they are undoubtedly accompanied by excellent product photography which is designed to give you an idea. overview of the work that you are acquiring, collecting or that you are planning to give as a gift.

I also invite you to read my shipping policies, since I put a lot of effort into this process so that the piece arrives in excellent and optimal conditions to your hands.
  • I do not make refunds.
  • I do not perform return.
  • We can reach agreements via email or by phone number as long as the piece arrives in poor condition, damaged, partially or completely destroyed for reasons or circumstances related to the shipment. So far I have not had a bad experience regarding this point, however, I want you to know that I will be accompanying the entire process of your purchase until the moment I know that the piece is in your hands.
  • I would appreciate it if you shared  via email or by phone number photographs of the state of the package that you received once the parcel has delivered it
  • In case of To assert the third point of this list, the piece may be replaced by a work that contemplates similar characteristics based on format, monetary value and that is within the available catalog. The estimated time for a replaced part will depend on the shipping payment choice at checkout. Take into account that the packing and shipping process will take me 3 to 5 business days.
  • Personal telephone contact number 52 777 4460220

I sincerely appreciate the visit and buy in my online store!
Each piece is made with much love and respect for my career, creative and artistic process, always taking care of the material quality and the degree of conservation of each piece.