About me


My name is Daniel Bahena , a visual artist, the experiences that have marked my path in the arts have involved me professionally in various artistic disciplines and applied techniques in artistic production.

Daniel Baena
My creative world has always been immersed in an immense bonfire of natural figures that inspire me every day, dreams that emerge from the intangible towards supports, textures, tones, materials and an imaginary that crosses the spatiality of my being on this plane. I have always been in collusion with what inspires me, with what worries me and with everything I don't know, those questions that have taken shape over time and space, a very imperfect amorphous figure that defines me at this moment.
I have been working full-time for my artistic production for 13 years in my home-studio in Cuernavaca, Morelos. Mexico. I grew up here for a large part of my childhood, therefore I have a close bond with this special place, where I spent many moments with my paternal grandparents. It is here, with my grandfather, that I was influenced by the natural, botanical and microscopic world, he showed me a large part of the aesthetic and visual baggage that my work constantly speaks of. With my other grandfather I had the opportunity to connect with all that environment by getting to know magical places, of an absorbing nature with an amalgamation of mysterious life stories and places that took me to worlds with other enveloping atmospheres.
Grateful for 16 years managing and working at Enhebra Estudio , a joint project and on a par with my life colleague and visual artist Erika Lujano. A project that was born with the need to explore within the field of the arts, leading us to build and design workshops - courses with artistic disciplines which we had developed and deepened for years from a particular perspective. And therefore this leads me to have 10 years as a teacher and professional workshop leader at Enhebra Estudio, where the project currently has a considerable number of workshops that specialize in artistic techniques applied from analog, visual and absolutely plastic parameters, resulting in face-to-face and online courses.
Currently the distribution and sale of my artistic work is governed completely independently. The distribution is through direct communication through the different channels and networks, I manage national shipments within my country, Mexico and also internationally for different countries and continents.